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In June 2007 AC Environmental Products (Pty) Ltd launched its environmentally, cost effective and natural product Super "C" to aid in the clean-up and remediation of oil and other hydrocarbon spills.
Super "C"can also be diluted and become a multi-purpose product that effectively degreases and cleans all applications within most, if not all industries.

The company is based in Cape Town and has an agent in Zambia. The raw materials are imported from the United States of America.

About Super "C"

Super "C" is a super concentrate, hence the name Super "C", and have been developed over many years of research and differs from other commercially available chemicals as all ingredients are manufactured from plant / vegetable oils - organic.
The technology was originally funded by the US Government, in the 70's to replace solvent and other toxic, flammable chemicals.

Super "C" is a colloidal cleaning agent formulated through a proprietary process by means of colloidal chemistry, a process that combines a variety of plant extracts, sequestrants, surfactants and hyper-wetting agents to produce a very unique product.
The Super "C" concentrate uses the power of nano-technology and colloidal micelles to tackle a wide variety of cleaning problems and is particularly effective on hydrocarbons.

Colloidal micelles are sub-microscopic particles, about one tenth-millionth of a centimeter in size. Each end of the micelle has an opposite charge. One end is hydrophilic (having an affinity to water) while the other is hydrophobic (antagonistic to water). These electrically charged particles when activated with water continue to repel each other in a ceaseless random movement. Their extremely small size allows them to effectively penetrate soiling (dirt and oils), hold them in suspension and prevent them from re-depositing on a surface.

How does Super "C" work on Hydrocarbons?

When the Super "C"colloid concentrate solution comes into contact with the hydrocarbon molecules (oil), or other highly viscous and sticky materials, the micelles penetrate and lock the substance in colloidal suspension. This disrupts the attraction to other hydrocarbons and lifts it from the surface to which it is adhering. This action is simultaneously multiplied by billions of other micelles, so that the undesirable material is dispersed into individual particles that do not have the ability to redeposit. The Super "C" Concentrate emulsifies the hydrocarbons into extremely small nano-emulsions, encapsulates these particles and disperses the soluble oil solution throughout the water where biodegradation begins to take place. The biodegradation process can take from ten (10) days, up to and beyond forty five (45) days depending on several factors. These factors that determine the length of time for biodegradation are the type of oil, additives that were added in the oil, specific gravity of the oil, etc.

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